New Energia version available



The Energia team announces the availability of version 0101E0015:

The Energia team is very happy to announce the release of Energia 15. This release aside from bug fixes adds support for the new Texas Instruments ARM Cortex M4F based MSP432 LaunchPad. This time around it’s a bit different though. The MSP432 Wiring/Energia framework is based on TI-RTOS. What does this mean? Basing the MSP432 implementation on TI-RTOS takes the Wiring / Energia framework to a whole new level. With this new feature you will be able to run multiple Sketches in parallel. Yes, in parallel! How awesome is that?!
The example we like to use is the problem of blinking multiple LED’s at a different rate. Easy enough you would think? Now imagine what that Sketch would look like. Not so easy huh? Now imagine that you have multiple tabs in Energia with their own setup/loop that run in parallel (Sketches). You can now have multiple tabs each running their own blinky Sketch as a task under TI-RTOS. This is just a simple example. Imagine that you can have multiple tabs doing different things like posting to the internet on one tab while reading sensor date on the other and printing Serial data on yet another tab. All in parallel. These are some ways to use Energia MT that we came up with. We would love to see and hear about what you can come up with! With this release, Energia MT is supported on the MSP432 but the following releases will support the Energia MT for CC3200, TivaC and MSP430 LaunchPads. Learn more about multitasking @ Energia MT

Downloads are available for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

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