Temperature controller for K-type thermocouple and MAX6675


Chris Holden of Nerd Club has written an article on their DIY temperature controller with a simple menu system:

After what seems to have been a very long time, it was nice to poke more wires into a breadboard and make something actually useful for a while! Here’s a simple temperature monitor for our injection moulding heater block. It uses three buttons for setting the parameters and some pretty dodgy-looking routines to detect “short” and “long” presses

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  1. I think this temperature sensing device is a thermocouple, not a thermistor. A thermocouple outputs a voltage while a thermistor changes resistance over temperature.

    1. Shocking fail :-) And they were wondering why the ‘thermistor’ modules they saw were pricey… Nerd Club they call themselves, ha ha, but I suppose we should give them some slack and not expect too much from BASIC users.

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