On the second day of Taobaomas


It is 8:30pm in China. Time to review today’s Taobaomas haul. Taobao recently started taking foreign debit and credit cards, so for the first time I feel fully Taobao-enabled.

Today we have another load of food imports. Hope thus isn’t annoying you too much, I just want to show the variety, price, and speed that stuff comes when you’re in China. All the food will be used for a ‘Western Food Party’ for local hackers and our manufacturers and suppliers this Friday.

First up two types of beef jerky from Mongolia. Super beefy, not at all what I expected. More below.


Parmesan cheese 500g for $8. To go with the Turkish paprika paste in a pressure cooker risotto.


Flour tortillas today. For the texmex aspect of food night. 24 for $2.50.


Swiss emmental cheese for the deli slicer and and accompanying deli meat selection to be delivered later in the week. Packed with ice pack in cardboard, 500g $6.


Bacon Velveeta shells and cheese? Shells-yeah! This one accidentally became lunch. Super expensive at $9 a box.

Surprisingly enough we couldn’t find plain Velveeta bricks on Taobao for home style Mac and Cheese, but it’s easy to bring in from Hong Kong.

Tomorrow hopefully some deli meat logs and a delicious ESP8266 dev board.

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