High voltage serial programming for AVR chips with the Bus Pirate


Leonerd writes:

I am happy to report a full success using the Bus Pirate to program HVSP on the 8- and 14-pin ATtiny chips. This requires a small additional bit of hardware, to use the AUX pin to control a +12V supply to the ‘tiny RESET line, and the 4 GPIO pins attached to the 4 HVSP control lines. It’s not the fastest way to program the chip (given as HVSP is custom 11-bit serial, requires 22 bytes of Bus Pirate control per byte written to the chip), but it works well enough to reset fuses and the like.

More detail as well as code to implement it can be found at metacpan.org

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  1. I have bus pirate and I have made the circuit as described, but I’m still foggy on how to implement this module. Do I have to install something? Are the commands already on the bus pirate waiting to be used? I tried typing “$chip->start->get” into minicom and it goes to BOOTLOADER as it shows it ought to when I check “?”.

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