High voltage serial programming for AVR chips with the Bus Pirate

Leonerd writes: I am happy to report a full success using the Bus Pirate to program HVSP on the 8- and 14-pin ATtiny chips. This requires a small additional bit of hardware, to use the AUX pin to control a +12V supply to the ‘tiny RESET line, and the 4 GPIO pins attached to the […]

HVSP fuse resetter

An AVR ATtiny HVSP fuse resetter by SimpleAVR reads device signature and hi-low fuses for hi-voltage serial programmable attinys reset hi-low fuses to factory default on target devices layout to drop-on attiny13, attiny25/45/85 8 pin devices targets attiny24/44/84 targets needs additional breadboard and jumper wires standalone operations, fuses values show on 7 segment display cannot reset […]