Hacking Android on the UDOO board (for SATA and S/PDIF)

Computer engineer Primiano Tucci has been experimenting with Android on the UDOO board.

I recently came in possession of a UDOO Quad board. The hardware onboard is pretty powerful compared to many other competitor boards. Unfortunately, however, the software support for Android is lagging a bit. In particular, in the latest image shipped by UDOO (Android JB 4.3 v2.0.2) both the SATA port and the S/PDIF digital audio output are not functional. For this reason I spent some time working on a fork of the image and patched both the Kernel and the Android framework to fix it. All the work described here is based on the Android 4.3 Sources v2.0 (U-Boot, Kernel, File System) from udoo.org and is open-source, maintained in my GitHub account.

For details and links to code downloads visit Primiano Tucci’s blog.

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