Maker Villa Penang introduction


William @ SGmakers threw a Hacker Villa in Penang Malaysia after attending (and sponsoring) Hacker Camp Shenzhen. We got to attend the first two days full of hacks, food, and making new friends.

Penang is an island, and UNESCO world heritage site, just off the coast of Malaysia. Its renound for street food, a mix of Indian,Malaysian, and Chinese, rivaled only by that of Kuala Lumpur.

Day one introduction closed at a bar in the world heritage area after a screening of the Maker Movie, followed by a share your hacks session.


Later in the villa everyone will get a chance to try flexible circuit stickers. Here’s a preview.


Another setup with circuit stickers.


William @ Singapore Makers, Jin @, and Vincent take a turn with a crazy musical instrument. Part touch sensitive whammy bar, part screaming baby.

Tomorrow we will continue with discussions and a hacker dinner.

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  1. 5 months in Penang, then a fast trip down the coast abord my boat, the Katie Lee, to reach Singapore in time for the Mini Maker Faire there. And NOW I find you guys were in Penang the whole time. Wish I had known!

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