Hacker Camp Shenzhen, day 2, down to business with talks about sourcing agents, shipping, exporting, and importing. Guest speakers include Connie @ ArcBotics, Tully @ Samarai Circuits & Factory For All, and local sourcing agent Hanlai.

Connie @ ArcBotics talks about export and import regulations in China, as well as shipping your products to customers and warehouses overseas. Check out her presentation here.

Hanlai is a sourcing agent in Shenzhen who specializes in electronics manufacturing. She talked about how sourcing agents work and when a sourcing agent is useful. Ben, a camp participant, also shares his experience of hiring sourcing agents in China. Hanlai and Ben’s presentation is here.

Tully @ Samurai Circuits and Factory For All explores shipping methods, factory tours, and export and import regulations. Presentation here.

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  1. Whaou this seems so cool … but I missed it. I’d like to see the presentations, but there seem to be no link (or am I missing something ?)

      1. Man, I was wondering that too.

        If you do this again I’ll gladly suffer the 20hr bus ride from Hanoi to SZ – it looks brilliant.

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