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We raided the local BBQ place near the hacker camp hotels. We call it ‘South Park BBQ’ because it’s along South Park (Nanyuan) road. Bonus fact: South Park Elementary is next door! More below!

Our favorite dish is barbecue Chinese buns, and followed by fat lamb skewers. Piles and piles of empty skewers.

This is actually our official meal at South Park BBQ though most have been here to chill and talk every night.

Andrew is having a photo with Laoban (boss). The staff members are always excited to see us and are always there to help us with tables. Most importantly they know we need some Tsing Tao.


Despite the pounds of food consumed at hot pot, there was still room for more. The BBQ shop owner was very excited to host us and took tons of photos of the mayhem. This became our last stop of the night throughout the hacker camp.

Via Hacker Camp Shenzhen mini-site: Hacker Camp Shenzhen Day 2: BBQ dinner

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