miniLOG – Precision standalone voltage logger


Jakub Felcenloben over at Electronics Lab has written up documentation on his latest project called miniLOG, a basic data logger:

miniLOG is a precise standalone voltage logger that save the data on a SD card. It has 4 basic analog channels:

  • one has 12bit resolution for voltage measurements,
  • two channels have 10bit resolution for voltage measurements and
  • one channel has 10 bit resolution for current measurements.

Input voltage range is 0-25V and current range is 0-500mA. The data are written on a simple .txt file on SD card and can be further proccessed using spreadsheet software.

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  1. Awesome project! I did something similar to a solar powered weather station a while back i built using the GR Sakura Board!
    It has an on board microSD card. It would be a lot better if you store the data in a csv format rather than plane text! Excel picks up the data directly making it easy to analyse.
    As always the project i did is OpenSource here.


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