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Before the workshop started we planned to take a few early arrivals to Dongmen and the Copy Mall. Instead, almost the entire group came.

We hit Dongmen, China’s largest street market and the oldest market in Shenzhen (Laojie metro stop exit E). Highlights included the pirate software vendors, glasses world (eyeglass and contact wholesale), and the outdoor sign making street.

No trip to Shenzhen is complete without a visit to Louhu Commercial City (the Copy Mall, Louhu metro stop exit A). The Copy Mall is full of top quality knock-off of designer clothing brands. Forget that though, on the top floor there’s tons of fabric and Jery, our favorite tailor

The sign making street. All those blinking LED signs come from somewhere, this is but one street of sign makers. We cruised the street and saw people using hot-glue to stick LEDs into metal signs. We stopped at the fanciest store and picked up a detailed catalog that lists design guidelines like minimum and maximums for various sign materials. Several people had custom signs made for workshops and hackerspaces.

Pictures of the adventure below.

On the way out we went to the Dongmen food street for soup dumplings. Fried on the outside, scortching hot soup on the inside. Be careful, it’s a great way to burn your mouth.

The Copy Mall is located right next to the border crossing to Hong Kong. Many people will make a run into Shenzhen for the Copy Mall and explore no further. Watch out for the touts, they’re persistent and obnoxious.

2013-01-14 Weekend 009.jpg

A short stop to our favorite jean and tshirt supplier leads to the top floor housing a very modest but still impressive fabric wholesale market. Grab some fabric here and take it to a tailor for a custom suit starting around $120.

Failing many times to find a great tailor, I eventually ran into Jery (right most). Jery and his family run a tailor shop that does top notch work with no haggling over prices. For best luck ask Jery for a copy of whatever he’s wearing that day – he likely designed it himself!

To round it of and wait out the rain, we stopped at a dim sum restaurant on the 5th floor of the Copy Mall. Excellent and speedy food was enjoy by hackers.

Via Hacker Camp Shenzhen mini-site: Hacker Camp Shenzhen Day 0 Tour: Dongmen and Copy Mall

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