‘GPS to Xbee bridge’ project

GPS to Xbee Bridge

ezflyr posted another cool project in the project log forum, theĀ GPS to Xbee Bridge:

Here is my latest project, a ‘GPS to Xbee Bridge’. This project utilizes a USGlobalsat BR-355 GPS receiver, and an Xbee module to wirelessly transmit a GPS-derived time/date info packet to a variety of home-brew clocks around my home! These clocks consist of an odd mix of Nixie Tube clocks and GLCD clocks that I’ve design and built over the years! The design is based on a PIC 18F14K22 processor which receives and parses incoming NMEA data from the BR-355 GPS module, and an Xbee or Xbee Pro wireless module. These packets are transmitted every 15 seconds!

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