BLiVIT project update


Asgard posted an update on his power charger and supply regulator project  we covered previously, the BLiVIT:

Testing continues. I have validated the power flow switches and the battery charger/management.The measured idle current draw from the Li+ cell is 23.4uA. With the Powah-1 module and the 10Meg load resistance inherent in my scope the current flow is 3.5mA.
With the BLiVIT idle and the USB plugged in the flow back into the cell is approx 770mA (initial charge only). This current winds down as the cell is charged, until the maintenance mode is achieved. I am validating that as of this time. The isolation section also works perfectly, creating a +/- 5V square wave at the isolation transformer secondary, which is rectified into a constant +5V. The downstream switching regulator has to be tweaked, but when that is correct I will call it good all around.

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