Workshop Update for April 16th, 2013


We tested out all the Bus Pirate Edu Kit exercises and the connection diagrams. Some alterations may be made to the real time clock exercise to make it more interesting.

Rediscovered SEG market. Had ignored it as a tourist trap but, was really successful sourcing some low volume items there today. Really nice people at all the stands too.

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  1. [ASK]

    can you tell me about this picture, what software you used for make that 3d simulation??
    Please reply..

  2. Approximately when do you expect to have kits ready to sell? If you would like some external beta testing, I would be willing to run through the exercises and report on problems or improvements.

  3. Hi,
    1. The 3d model was generated using the eagle up plugin for sketchup, and some sketchup brazier magic to make the wires look organic.. then it was exported to kertikeya and rendered for around 8h on a 3 core 3.6ghz cpu…/w 4gb ram.

    2. there is no production date yet, but we are pushing to get them out as soon as possible though..

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