Rave shades: The self assemble LED glasses kit


Rave shades: The self assemble LED glasses kit

These Rave Shade – LED Glasses look like a ton of fun. They are Arduino based and use 74HC595 shift registers to light all the LEDs. At first I though it was a silly design since with a PCB sitting on your face you would not be able to see anything. But later I saw the small circles that are cut into the board which allows you to presumable see most things in front of you. To program new pattern some computer software is used which generates the pattern code to be downloaded to the Arduino.  eXtremeSomething is selling kits but he is waiting till 10 people pays for a kit before pulls the trigger on the order. Sort of like a mini Kickstarter (he lives in the UK and Kickstarter doesn’t operate there). Be sure to follow the project Facebook page if this interests you!

Via Hacked Gadgets.

Check out the video after the break.

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