DSETA board, a CPU based on the Atmel AT89C51RE2


Jechavarria has designed and built this DSETA board, a CPU based on the Atmel AT89C51RE2:

In my last projects, I always use the same CPU. DSETA board, I say in the posts. Well, here it is, a CPU based on the AT89C51RE2 microcontroller from Atmel. I develop this board for some reasons. The first and main one is because I want to have a small board with a great (an known) 8-bit microcontroller, ready to use and with many of the peripherals I usually use. The other reason is that I want to test the PCB service from Seeedstudio, a PCB manufacturer from Shenzhen, China.

Via the forum.

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  1. The headline and description confused me a lot. The “CPU” is an internal part of any microcrontroller, not something that is based on one. I think he meant to say that the DSETA is a SBC based on a Atmel MC.

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