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  1. I’ve been noticing it with other similar renders that you posted, in my opinion the perspective on your renders looks wrong. I know it’s probably correct (if I’m not mistaken you’ve set up the camera very far from the subject with a very small view angle), but unless you did it on purpose, I’d suggest you either do a real orthographic projection (with no perspective at all, ie. camera at infinity, if your software allows it), or you move the eye/camera at arm’s length from your subject to get a more realistic perspective.

  2. From my point of view, it looks perfectly fine. A close-up perspective (and focal depth blurring, and random dents, stains and texture) would all add realism, but also be distractions from the goal of a technical illustration.

  3. I’m assuming your jumper leads all follow the SOIC color version:
    The reversal of colors from the original can be confusing:

    Would you consider adding a small “chart” or label to the view, indicating which pins are in use?
    GND [Black][White] +3.3V
    +5V [Gray][Magenta] ADC
    Vpu [Blue][Green] AUX
    CLK [Yellow][Orange] MOSI
    CS [Red][Brown] MISO

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