Controller for soldering irons using the Hakko T12 type tips


Sparkybg shared his controller for soldering irons using Hakko T12 type tipe in the project log forum:

T12 have thermocouple in series with the heater with a voltage of around 9mV at 450 degrees celsius, so the voltage to the heater must be turned off to measure the voltage of the thermocouple. Don’t measure the resistance of T12. It is pointless to use it when a thermocouple is already available, and is far more precise than resistance.

Via the forum.

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  1. This just reminds me that my hakko soldering iron is dead (the heating element desoldered itself from the metallic contacts that bring the power). So I’m handicapped and have no idea on how to fix that :( Obviously I cannot solder that with tin solder, and I dont know where to get a new heating element :(

    the iron is a hakko 900 ESD , 24V, 50W, with a DIN-5 plug.

    Any idea? Do you think I can replace it with a weller iron? I don’t think so :(

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