Open 7400 first prize winner receives his Analog Discovery bench tool

Matseng shows off the prize he got for taking first place in this years open 7400 contest with his “Constant load with nixie readouts” entry. He chose to get one of the Analog Discovery bench tools Diligent was kind enough to sponsor the contest with.

Analog Discovery is a 100 MSPS twin channel oscilloscope, 2 channel function generator, 16 channel digital logic analyzer, and 16 channel digital pattern generator with a USB interface. It also has +/-5 volt power supplies. It comes with a comprehensive software package WaveForms (Windows) for capturing and analyzing analog and digital signals.

Via the forum.

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    1. I’m in process of doing a tear down / circuit / software explaination – will include parts of the schematics as well – it’s just in process, and taking longer than I thought.


  1. Did anyone else get his prize except Matseng, We didn’t get ours , we send so many messages to Ian , he takes too much time to reply , and the reply always says us to have patience. I mean do they ever gonna send it ?

    1. I’m sorry Naveed, but the prizes are supplied by sponsors we have no control over. We will continue to follow up about your prize.

      1. Ian , i do understand that sponsors supplies the prizes but it has been two months! . I hope you resolve this issue ASAP.

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