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  1. This seems to be another Rigol re-branding, likely with another layer of proprietary nonsense to get in your way. Or perhaps LeCroy will provide better support than Rigol direct?

    1. Yeah looks like a black version of my Atten ADS1102CAL which is quite cheap on ebay but not the best scope in the world. You can’t trust the voltage measurement functions on mine if your signal position is not set to the middle of the screen and triggering is a bit jumpy.

  2. I’d really like to know if these newer models still have the same issues as the somewhat older WaveAce series (like e.g. the 224 model). I won’t touch any of them just to have piece of mind.

    1. Robert, thanks for pointing me to those issues. I also read your comment on my blog about this. Let me try to reproduce the bugs of the 100 series with the 1000 series and see what happens.

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