Magic Mouth – an Arduino speech shield

Want to get your Arduino to speak? Here is an open source shield that will do just that. Magic Mouth is built on a single sided board making it easy to home manufacture. It uses an ATmega168 to generate speech, and it communicates with the Arduino over I2C.

It’s an all through hole, single sided PCB with just 1 jumper, for easy home manufacture. The chip can be either an atmega168P or atmega328P and will communicate with the Arduino by I2C. The audio signal is on PB2. I have broken out most of the other pins to optional headers. The slave chip can be reprogrammed using the Arduino by jumpering digital pins 10-13 to 4 adjacent headers. I opted for a Bourns 3352T thumbwheel trimmer which I think is what the GinSing probably uses

Via the forum.

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