7400 competition entry: Fourbit, 4-bit homebrew CPU

Here’s another Open 7400 competition entry a 4-bit homebrew CPU designed by Jaromir:

Since I was born in mid eighties, I’ve never experienced real 74xx build. Few gates here and there was common, but lager designs were practicaly uneeded – as microcontrollers, CPLDs or FPGAs replaced need for such as work.
But my posession in vintage systems and desire to understand inner working principles of modern devices brought me to design of simple CPU made of simple 74xx devices.

Build something that uses or abuses a logic chip and get amazing boards, tools, and other swag. The Open 7400 Logic Competition promotes awareness of the basic building blocks of modern circuits. Devious geeks ignited the computer revolution with discrete logic computers, what can you do? Details and entry form here.

Via the contact form.

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