Mumbai’s Manish Market on our Global Geek Tour of India

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Here are the first images from our Global Geek Tour of India. This batch of images was taken at the Manish market in Mumbai. We are twitting the pictures as we take them, so tune in to our twitter account, or wait till we post them on the blog. Check out lots of pictures below the fold.

iPhone unlocking and repair done here.

Manish market in Mumbai.

Soldering station stand in Manish market, Mumbai.

Testing replacement LCDs in Manish market, Mumbai.

Touch screen replacement guy at Manish market, Mumbai.

Part numbers for touch screens datasheets available. Manish market, Mumbai.

Floor one of Manish market.

Cell phone repair suppliers in Manish market. SMD parts here. Murli gets USB micro-B at Manish market

Yet another OEM iron brand from at ten. Quick 850.

Cell phone repair I. Manish market. They can fix what the manufacturer can’t.

They also repair repair tools. Working on a at ten clone hot air rework station.

4 phone repair stations in Manish market. Don’t tell OSHA.

Outside Manish market in Mumbai. Urban chaos, honking, cabs, hawkers.

Lunch on Mumbai geek tour.

More lunch on Mumbai geek tour.

Today’s Mumbai market score. What an amazing trip! Once again the markets exceed our wildest expectation.

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  1. Sjaak says:

    Get me some of those lcd datasheets !

  2. Arup says:

    Is someone official there? I am in Bangalore and need to know when you’re arriving at Bangalore and where?

  3. boseji says:

    Hope that you enjoyed the Wada paw and Chole Bature…

  4. alpesh says:

    i have a micromax a90s touch & disply

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