Workshop Update for October 8th, 2012

Today we worked on today’s 3D model of the VFD tube board. Due to a large number of surfaces in this model, our PC had trouble coping with it. But we’re proud of the final render result.

We added a few components to our library. One of which can be seen in the picture above. It’s a 2.1mm barrel jack, with oblong plated trough holes, instead of very large circular PTHs.

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  1. Why not use the CP-102A-ND from DigiKey (CUI PJ-12A)?
    While the recommended holes are 1×1.6mm slots, I find round holes of 0.050″ and pads 0.100″ quite suitable although perhaps 0.060/0.100″ ma be better.

    1. Thanks Cluso99, this part is a nice replacement for our wide pin PTH DC connector. we could make a variant of it.

      1. For me localy, the oblong pin one is much easier to source, I think this is the case for most people…

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