Workshop Update for September 19th, 2012


We’re in high gear preparing for the New York Global Geek Tour. We continue soldering projects for display at Maker Faire New York.

We’re finalizing the Open Hardware Summit presentation. Cleaning up the workshop for tomorrow’s video.

In hardware design we played around calculating the sense and load resistor values for the INA138 current sense monitor.

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    1. Thanks for letting me know :) I’ll make sure we start including some background. It’s usually a frantic end of day process to get everyone’s updates :D

  1. Ya, when I saw the crossed-out GNU and CC symbols in your top-post I was taken aback. Both GNU and CC license structures have their place. I will wait to see how these crossed-out symbols apply to your OHS USB presentation once posted online. Should be interesting.

    1. Just meaning that USB implementers forum doesn’t jive well with these licenses. We’ll be more careful in the future, it seems this one caused quite a stir ;)

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