Free PCB coupon via Facebook to 2 random commenters

Posted on Friday, September 14th, 2012 in Free PCBs by DP

Every Friday we give away some extra PCBs via Facebook. This post was announced on Facebook, and on Monday we’ll send coupon codes to two random commenters. More PCBs via Twitter on Tuesday and the blog every Sunday.

Don’t forget there’s free PCBs three times a every week:

Some stuff:

  • Yes, we’ll mail it anywhere in the world!
  • We’ll contact you via Facebook with a coupon code for the PCB drawer.
  • Limit one PCB per address per month please.
  • Like everything else on this site, PCBs are offered without warranty.

We try to stagger free PCB posts so every time zone has a chance to participate, but the best way to see it first is to subscribe to the RSS feed, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook.

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9 Responses to “Free PCB coupon via Facebook to 2 random commenters”

  1. Cristi says:

    I want one!!

  2. Maybe this time I will be lucky,,,

  3. Christian Hunke says:

    Hoppfully this time? :)

  4. Greg says:

    I’d love one! :)

  5. Tim Kerby says:

    Yes please!

  6. Robert P. says:

    Random comment has been made…. now… to go make dinner.

  7. alan campbell says:

    How random does a comment need to be?

  8. Jerry Piatt says:

    I love Dangerous Prototypes but everytime I order something from you guys, I get funny looks from my mail man when he delivers it. Just sayin . . .

  9. Trev says:

    What part of VIA FACEBOOK do all you above commenters (apart from the postman :) not understand?

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