EEWeb PULSE: Bus Pirate as low-cost JTAG programmer

Frank noticed this article on EEWeb PULSE about Programming With Low-Cost JTAG Tools (PDF!) that references the Bus Pirate:

If you’re not a big fan of building it yourself, then you could use one of the (X)SVF players that are available on the internet. Notable is the Bus Pirate from Dangerous Prototypes. Originally designed as a tool to sniff, monitor, inject or bus protocols like SPI, its open platform has meant that the ‘community’ has developed an XSVF player. This allows a user to convert an SVF file format to XSVF with the tools supplied. The board, which is a very good price, can then be easily re-programmed as a JTAG programmer. You then simply run the right command from your computer and the file is uploaded to the Bus Pirate via USB which then carries out the required toggling of the JTAG lines.

The XSVF tools are a very simple and effective way to program CPLDs and FPGAs. While the Bus Pirate is handy in a pinch, if you’re doing lots of JTAG debugging the Bus Blaster is a much faster and widely supported device for just a couple bucks more.

Thanks Frank & EEWeb! Via the contact form.

Get your own Bus Pirate for $30, including worldwide shipping.

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