25 FREE Stellaris LaunchPads, ends today

Posted on Friday, August 31st, 2012 in dev boards by DP

Uwe tipped us to a Stellaris LaunchPad giveaway:

YES! I want to sign up for a Stellaris LaunchPad.

When you sign up for the email alert, we’ll also enter your name in a drawing for one of 25 FREE Stellaris LaunchPads!

You only need to register once. Only one entry per person. We’ll email you on August 31st if you’re one of the lucky winners!

Via the contact form.

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5 Responses to “25 FREE Stellaris LaunchPads, ends today”

  1. werejag says:

    wow pretty late

  2. Mike Ward says:

    want to develop a data logger using ARM, touchscreen graohics display

  3. nato says:

    So, I click on the link and see an announcement about Stellaris LaunchPad, but there’s no information about a drawing or how to sign-up for an e-mail alert.

    BTW, if you want to pre-order this, you’ll note that after clicking “BUY NOW” that it doesn’t let you actually buy it or even add it to your cart. It takes you to the product description page where there’s no option to actually “add to cart” or “buy”. I noticed, however, if you “Add to wishlist”, a wishlist will appear and you can then add the item to a cart.

    I remember their original Launchpad (MSP430) when it was first released and their site crawling to a halt for nearly an entire day. Then a year later they were releasing something else and the same thing happened. I’m guessing that their previous problems with their website was the reason for having a pre-order for this.

    TI’s ineptitude with their online store is amazingly consistent. Hey TI, you ever heard of a “peer review” or “testing”?

  4. Bo :o) says:

    The free draw seems to have ended, but I managed to order one for $5,-

    Just click “add to wishlist”, go to your wishlish and then you can click “buy”…. and yes, the TI online store is full of errors, hopefully their product standards are slightly higher ;-)

    Bo :o)

  5. bluehash says:

    I ordered two yesterday. I used “Buy Now”. It used to be through the wishlist.
    Just a headsup, there is alot of info in this thread:

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