Workshop Update for August 24th, 2012

Posted on Friday, August 24th, 2012 in Workshop Update by DP

Setup the alternate look for the Open 7400 Competition mini site. Still a bit to do. Also fixed a problem with the social media icons under Firefox latest versions as long as we were in there.

Next week we have a bunch of scratch and dent projects to give away. These are working projects, but they have scuffs, silk mis-prints, and other issues. Not sure how to give them all away yet, but there’s a bunch of stuff.

We’re working up a fuse-blown indicator for a small update to ATX Breakout Board.

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7 Responses to “Workshop Update for August 24th, 2012”

  1. Matseng says:

    Are you doing the easy-as-pie blown fuse indicator? I.E just a led and a resistor in parallel with the fuse or is it something more complex?

    • Ian says:

      We’re trying to work something up with a FET that will work on the positive and negative rails, and turn on then the power is off.

      • Matseng says:

        Ok….. I’m a bit confused here. A led with a current limiting resistor connected in parallel with the fuse will do just that. As long as the fuse is intact the led will be off, but when the fuse is tripped the led will be lit (as long as there are just a small load connected). It will work on both the positive and negative rails.

        The only problem is that it will supply a few mA to the circuit even if the fuse is blown, but that is not really a problem I think. If something can blow a slow 1.5A fuse without getting destroyed itself it probably can handle 2-3 mA after that without any damage.

  2. Jay Wilkinson says:

    2 “Hack Packs”, 5 ATX breakout boards from Dangerous Prototypes

    Is a little confusing. Is it

    2 “Hack Packs”
    5 ATX breakout boards from Dangerous Prototypes


    Also why is there an undefined asterisk next to $100?

  3. Jay Wilkinson says:

    Also, really like the look of the mini site!

  4. Philip says:

    need help on the website?

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