Workshop Update for August 17th, 2012

Posted on Friday, August 17th, 2012 in Workshop Update by DP

Today we worked on Bus pirate v4 firmware, cut some video for next week, and started cleaning the workshop. Sjaak’s gift from our recent food crawl disappeared into the morass. Update: found it!

Also – hating on the Facebook push plugin. It’s our fault for misconfiguring it. There’s a ton of options across all our user accounts, it’s maddening to debug exactly what is happening. Wish there were a ‘lite’ version that is a dependable as the Twitter plugin.

App note posts are ready for the weekend. The prototype for Monday’s 3D model post is rendered and ready.

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3 Responses to “Workshop Update for August 17th, 2012”

  1. NBitWonder says:

    Not sure exactly what you guys use, but over at NBit we have a WordPress Twitter plugin, and then we update facebook via specific twitter updates (Selective Tweets is the facebook platform plugin).

    Obviously, we don’t post as much as you, but that system has yet to let us down.

    Good luck!

    (also, your tag for this entry appears to have a typo)

    • Ian says:

      Thanks, I’ll check it out. The Twitter plugin is really dependable, hooking facebook into that would be great. I’ve also been looking at hosting our own twitter pictures, and hacking something together that will blog-post certain tweets+pics. I’m not a fan of social media, but being able to send pictures of stuff effortlessly is something I enjoy.

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