Clock with 180 RGB LEDs on home-etched circuit board

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 in Arduino, clock by DP

An Arduino-based clock with 180 RGB LEDs. The LEDs are driven via 12 TLC5925 1- channel constant-current addressable drivers.

Its built on doublesided copper clad board using Toner transfer method. The routes aren’t smaller than 0.44mm and all vias are made for 0.8mm drilling (truly DIY). Just around 5 vias are under a component and 7 segment displays have singnals only from bottom side (for easy soldering)

Via Hacked Gadgets.

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4 Responses to “Clock with 180 RGB LEDs on home-etched circuit board”

  1. Winston says:

    That is amazing in every way, design, layout and fabrication method (toner transfer!). I’ve always wondered how to do perfectly spaced circular layout in Eagle. Is there a tutorial on that somewhere?

    • Mats says:

      I have written a php script that generates a bunch of moves and rotates to move parts in circles that I use when I want something spaced evenly in a circle. Enter parameters, hit submit, copy the code and paste into the command area in the board edior. Currently it’s located at

      I know that there are some .ulp scripts that will do the same thing but I haven’t bothered learn how to use them.

  2. Wayne Rogers says:

    I am wondering if there might be a PDF or some thing with the schematics. board design, parts list and componite placement some where for the 180 led RGB clock above. I would be very interested in looking at it and having ago at bulding it at some time.
    It looks like a nice clock to attempt.
    Wayne Rogers

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