Workshop Update for August 2nd, 2012

Posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 in Workshop Update by DP

Today we flew Air Emirates to Singapore. It was 104F in Dubai when we arrived at midnight. So hot the toilet and urinal water was steamy. Strange.

We ate Indian at a Hawker stall (see picture above) in Little India, Singapore. There are more Singapore pics on twitter.

Tomorrow is the Singapore Global Geek tour. We’ll be tweeting live with Kelvin, Darell, and others staring at 10:30 AM Singapore time. This weekend is the Maker Faire, and then we hope to have a quick meetup with the ever-famous Bunnie of Chumby fame.

Back in the workshop demo board firmware development continues today. Most of the day was spent familiarizing ourselves with the board, and the PIC’s datasheet.

We added the  USB-A Female SMD connector to our part library.

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  1. mats engstrom says:

    Too bad I’m still on the bus towards Singapore at 10:30am…. I’ll make sure to be on time whenever you’ll do a geek tour in Bangkok… :-)

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