Punnet cardboard cut-out case for the Raspberry Pi

It doesn’t get much simpler than this cardboard case for the Raspberry-Pi. It’s a printable cut-out design that shows you where to cut, bend, and glue to make a simple enclosure.

While this isn’t the most professional looking enclosure for a project, it does provide some protection. We’d like to design DIY cutout cases for some for our projects as too.

Via Raspberry Pi.

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  1. I’ve actually made this case and it’s really easy to make up, although I didn’t have a craft knife so I had to use a small kitchen knife (very slowly and carefully) and a ruler and it turned out great. I did one with paper and then another with red cardboard and a custom design which had the RPi logo on it. I’ll try to post a picture later to show it. Sadly the paper one I made before is slightly deformed as the cat took off with it!

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