Line following robot based on the dsPIC33

Posted on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 in project logs by DP

Exapod is building a line following robot based on the dsPIC33 and stuff he won from SparkFun‘s giveaways. Watch the little robot race through Monza in a video below.

i’m planning of building a robot with a dspic33fj128mc804 and two encoders for implement some dead reckoning algorithms so for learn something on the dspics i build a line-follower, it uses 6 analog sensors that are read with the auto-scan capability of the chip, the pwm is 12 bit and the control loop runs at almost 30 kHz (it only calculates the line position and the do a very simple PD routine that use fixed point math).

Via the forum.

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12 Responses to “Line following robot based on the dsPIC33”

  1. Mark says:

    Errr, why is it going around Monza the wrong way?

  2. lamia says:

    Hi, iam student can you share with us ur code? thanks

  3. CheAhMeD says:

    hello I have a similar project for my studies can you provide me a documentation about your robot ?
    I mean source codes and parts used for vidéo processing !!! thank you

    • exapod says:

      Like i said before if you send me a PM on the forum with your email i will send you everything that i have on that robot.
      Keep in mind that the source code is very strange because my programming skills are what they are :).
      What do you mean by video processing?

  4. CheAhMeD says:

    I thought that the robot contains a camera to detect the black line it’s kinda what I’m willing to do
    thank you very much I’m sending you my email
    PS: I will try to modify the source code so I can add the video processing module

  5. exapod says:

    This robot uses 6 infrared sensors to “read” the line position but in particular for my program anything that outputs the line position in terms of a number form 1000 to 6000 is ok.

  6. RJ says:

    i also build line follower robot using dsPIC33FJ64MC802 but the problem is, the voltage logic from dspic is 3.3v while the driver motor need min 4.5v to consider it as high. how to solve that problem?

  7. Gilberto says:

    Hi, I’m from Brazil and I’m working on a project really simillar to yours. Could you help me and send me your code or any information about your robot? I’d be really thankfull. And congrats for your experience, really quick and nice.

  8. VA tongheng says:

    Hi, I`m from Cambodia and I`m a student. I have a project similar to your project. Would you might sending yours code and circuit to me? I really thankfull first. Hope to see your help.
    my email:

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