Big box of traveling parts update

Posted on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 in Big Box by DP

A while back we started a big box of traveling parts in the forum. We had lots of stuff we didn’t need so we packed it in a box and sent it along to Sjaak. He took some things out, added some goodies, and passed it to Riktw.

Today Riktw posted pictures of his deposit and withdraw. 2 LCDs, some flux, some prototypes, some LEDs, and some miscellaneous open hardware stuff were taken out. This stuff went back into the box (pics below):

  • 10 PIC’s, some 16F, some 24H and a DSPic
  • Some Atmega328’s with Arduino 0022 bootloader
  • Some LPC1113 ARM Cortex M3 devices from NXP
  • Altera Max V CPLD breakout board
  • Some PCB’s for a 78XX power supply
  • 2 Simplecortex PCB’s, old revision(0.5)
  • 2 SMD sockets
  • 2 1200V 150A IGBT
  • Some cheap LED strips
  • 2 electronic tubes, both triode

Via the forum.

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  1. philip says:

    i got a lot of tubes at home – not sure what they are but if only its easier to ship them from where i am ide have them in that box

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