Updates from the workshop for May 9th, 2012

Posted on Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 in Workshop Update by DP

The latest POV Toy hardware is finally assembled, and initial testing of the firmware went successfully. We still need to design a calibration routine to get the best results. Pietja’s LGA soldering pictures will be up soon.

Work on the open source USB stack demo continues. We found the right linker script for the PIC18F24J50, and now both the Logic Sniffer and the POV Toy work with it. The documentation for the stack is progressing and may be ‘announced’ next week.

We walked through JTR’s complete update of the IR Toy firmware and committed the changes to the SVN. A new test firmware v23 for all IR Toy hardware is available in the forum.

LCD and rotary encoders are working on the secret board from the flux off video. We were annoyed to find out that our knobs and encoders purchased as a set from SURE Electronics don’t seem to actually fit each other.

Coupon codes went out to the Free PCB Twitter winners. We also prepared a wholesale order for EpicTinker, who were restocking their Bus Pirate, Bus Blaster, and USB IR Toys.

Another Bus Pirate as a PIC 24FJ64GA002 development board tutorial is edited and published. There will be a few more in this series.

Work continues on the hush-hush breakout board. It’s a new concept with a proto-board style area, which was giving us lots of grief fitting the components on the board. We had to do a lot of trial and error with this board.

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  1. kevin says:

    Nice! I like hearing the daily goings on of Dangerous Prototypes. It looks like there might be a few fun boards to add to my collection, soon :)

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