Logic Sniffer client version 0.9.6 beta release

Jawi continues to develop the Logic Sniffer cross-platform client. A beta of the new version 0.9.6 is available to testers. This has the killer new signal display component demoed previously. Jawi’s open source client will soon outclass every commercial offering we’ve ever used. Here’s the change log:

  •  New signal display component is in place! While not yet as customizable as the previous one, it does provides the ability to DnD channels, have proper context menus, allow disabling/enabling channels and so on
  • New way of measuring stuff in signals (see Tools menu): it allows you to count transitions, clock speed, duty cycle
  • Added the ability to run a OLS over the network; this patch is initially provided by Marcin Zapolski (thanks for that!). I’ve not tested it in much detail, and needs an additional “server” for the OLS on the other side which is not yet provided
  •  Added a custom build of the used serial library to support baud rates higher than 115k2
  •   (more to come)…

Bugs and improvements, as always, can be entered through GitHub

Via the forum.

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