AVR transistor tester build

Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2012 in project logs by DP

Mick received his boards for the AVR transistor tester (machine translation) and was quick to assemble them. His board was designed to the exact dimensions of a 2X16 LCD screen. He did have some issues with the silk screen, but all in all we think his boards are awesome.

Via the forum.

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4 Responses to “AVR transistor tester build”

  1. Laurent says:

    Excellent job.

    Do You sell this board?

    Let me know I am very interrested.



  2. farzam says:

    pleas send me all file of this circuit
    (and the complet hex file)

  3. Hans Otto Nielsen says:

    I would like to build your project, can I get you to you send me the diagram and sketch.
    with best regards
    Hans Otto Nielsen

  4. Milhaus says:

    PCB are available on , compiled by the various language versions of firmware author Karl-Heinz Kübbeler. (EN, DE, CZ, RU, UK, HU, SK, SL, PL, NL, BR, LT) Firmware Markus from Reschke (EN), and more.

    PCB jsou k dostání na , zkompilované různé jazykové mutace firmware autora Karl-Heinz Kübbeler. (EN, DE, CZ, RU, UK, HU, SK, SL, PL, NL, BR, LT) Firmware od Markus Reschke (EN) a další informace.

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