Logic Sniffer client version 0.9.5 final released

Jawi released the version 0.95 final of his Logic Sniffer client. It has these updates:

  • Client now also runs on Java 7, but remains backward compatible with Java 6
  • Fixed issues #82, #81, #79, #77, #76, #75, #74, #70 and #40
  • Use PureJavacomm as experimental serial library instead of RXTX
  • Major cleanups in Tool/Device API making it easier to implement and test new tools and/or devices
  • Hide more of the OSGi complexity in the “main” code
  • Ansgar Kueckes donated an new decoder tool to decode ASM45 signals as part of the HP 9845 project
  • OLS trigger mask/value can now be entered as hex-value (patch provided by Ansgar Kueckes)
  • Ensured that the selected capture device is retained between user sessions
  • Updated the about box to include the proper copyright years
  • Several small cleanups and improvements

Via the Forum.

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