Near field communication TRF7970A breakout board

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 in project logs by DP

Benjamin wanted to use the Bus Pirate with various near field communication protocols, so he designed this breakout board for the TRF7970A NFC chip. It has a 13.56Mhz on-board antenna, and a optional SMA antenna connector. Other devices can also interface with this board, all the IO pins of the IC are brought to a header.

Benjamin included the DP logo on the board, thanks for the love!

Via the forum.

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6 Responses to “Near field communication TRF7970A breakout board”

  1. chedejun says:

    hi I am working on trf7970a now,and we can share some info, pls contact

    • Vineeth Babu says:

      I am an engineering student doing project on NFC based money transaction through nfc enabled mpbile phones. We are using TRF7970a as the nfc reader module for our project. But we are not able to establish a connection between the phone and trf7970a evm. Can you please help us out by telling if any special settings are to be made for such a peer to peer communication.
      Can you also tell us the best way to program msp430 present on the evm.

  2. Subin surendran.k says:

    I am doing a project on access control using NFC.i am using trf7970a as reader.
    but sir i was not able to make a circuit with it… Sir will you please help me….

  3. khidir hassan says:

    hi, a have brought TRF7970a chip in order to bulit an NFC reader, but i faced some issues about designing circuit and antenna, would you please help me…

  4. khidir hassan says:

    even i used cad eagle but no library support TRF7970…could please help

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