Velleman K8062 3rd party firmware upgrade

Velleman K8062 DIY kit is one of the most successful DMX transmitters sold world-wide, but it is also one of the poorest performers. Velleman uses an antiquated slow speed USB protocol on a device that supports Full Speed USB.

A community developed firmware upgrade that offers up to 80x times better performance is currently undergoing beta testing. It supports Full Speed USB and is developed alongside drives for multiform use.

Via the forum.

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  1. It would be finished now if I didn’t drop everything to help out with the DP USB stack. :)

    Just got my HID output plugin for vixen working with Win 7. This firmware is not just for the velleman. Anyone can plonk down a 18F2550 with a RS485 chip and use the same firmware and have a wide base of DMX apps that are already compatible.

    I have an eagle file somewhere that is designed for this as well as any other general purpose, with or without the USB stack. Maybe I should just post the schematic and board file. I guess I never will bring it to completion.

  2. Your work is appreciated: both on the K8062 and the DP USB stack. Go ahead and post the schematic and board (to the forum, I suppose). I’m sure something positive will come of it.

  3. Just wondering, is the 3rd version of firmware the lastone, and where or how to buy (as in info file was said) full version of the firmware?
    I’d like to have the full universe at full-speed… please email me with info. Thanks

  4. To all the optimists out there like me that are still interested in the VX8062 firmware two years after it was last mentioned and were hoping to have a speedy K8062’s. I think it’s time to give up. I tried to contact JTR via e-mail but unfortunately didn’t receive a response, I fully appreciate the efforts that have gone into the project for no profit but if there was insufficient interest to continue that is understandable, it would have been nice to have a response saying so though.

    I was still interested to play around and see the performance enhancements, even if it is only 96 channels, so I went ahead and as I have an older version I changed the crystal to 4mhz, removed R9, bought a 18F2550I/SP and built a K8076 to program it. The firmware flashed successfully, popped in the chip. Installed the new DLL & EXE. Plugged in the unit. Win 7 recognised it as a USB HID Device with no errors…awesome. Fired up freestyler…error creating output thread…

    It might have worked with a previous version of freestyler but 3.5.4 is a no go.

    So disappointed.

  5. LOL rsdio. If only I could write code… instead I take advantage of other coders’ hard work and complain when things don’t work exactly how I want them to :-p I have received feedback from JTR on another forum and it has been confirmed that the project has been discontinued.

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