DIY GLCD clock project

ezflyr posted his GLCD clock PIC project:

The project is based around the 75×52.7mm 128×64 Graphic LCD. The time keeping is delegated to a battery-backed Dallas DS-3231 RTC. A PIC 16F876A is used to tie it all together. The PCB was designed to fit nicely behind the display.

It is operated via two push buttons, which allow for setting the alarm clock as well as changing the display from a digital to a watch face clock. As an added bonus there is a standard RS-232 UART input used to sync the clock over a GPS receiver. Unfortunately the PCB and firmware are currently unavailable.

Via the project log forum.

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  1. Awsome little project.
    I hope he releases the code etc as I think this would be a great little DP project.

    Just need to print a case for it and its done :)

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