Arduino Ethernet + SD card tutorial

Ladyada has posted this detailed tutorial over at Adafruit on using Ethernet and SD card with Arduino. It describes how to use the Arduino to browse files on an SD card remotely. This tutorial is targeted at those who already have quite a bit of Arduino or microcontroller experience and are ‘fluent’ in C/C++/Java!

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  1. does anyone know of a good tutorial to have an Ethernet arduino host a HTML webpage with some forms to change values like PWM value ect ect, or simple coding techniques to do this kind of thing in a dynamic way.

    1. Sorry I can’t help, but I have been trying to do just that for a while and not having any joy. I can display analogue values and control the Arduino when I put the (very minimal) HTML code in the sketch, and I can host a full web page via the SD card, but I can’t work out how to do both together.
      Please help if you know.


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