Logic Sniffer client v0.9.4 RC2

Jawi made another release candidate of the Logic Sniffer client :

It is finally available: the second Release Candidate (RC) of the 0.9.4 version!

Implemented features and issues solved in this release:

  • VCD exports ignore selected channel groups
  • Verify frequency measurement with RLE captures
  • Support OLS-device profiles for BP, regular OLS and SUMP
  • Add icon to window/application
  • 200MHz capture fails halfway
  • Add warning message about highest channel icw RLE
  • When RLE is enabled the first value rendered is always low
  • Is it possible to disable DTR when opening the serial
  • No menu entry for ‘capture’ functions
  • Preferences in Edit/Preferences dialog are not saved
  • Stop button now always enabled
  • RLE channel group issue with 0.9.4-b1
  • I2C decoder produces invalid address
  • Add “Jump to Marker” buttons for remaining cursors

Five additional bugs were fixed, and some additional regression tests were added. I expect this RC will become the final release…

A call to all beta testers: grab an archive and test away using the testing charter:

* ZIP (Windows);
* TAR.GZ (Linux/Solaris);
* DMG (Mac OS X).

All issues found should be reported as issue on GitHub and can be discussed in this topic.

If tested, could you post a message in this topic stating the platforms (operating system + version, 32/64-bit, and used hardware) on which you’ve tested it, and possibly the issue numbers verified?

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