CPLD dev-boards arriving now

The CPLD development boards are starting to arrive worldwide. jbeale took the XC2C64A board for a spin:

Very happy to report that my first try at a Coolrunner II CPLD project works! This is the 16-bit timer with start / stop pulse inputs. It is only tested so far up to 4 MHz, using the Bus Pirate as a signal generator (and also doubling as a JTAG programmer- handy tool!). The timing report claims it can go a bit further :-). Thanks DP for the help and the nice CPLD board!

Download the schematic, pinout, simulation, and XSVF files in the forum.

You can get theĀ  CoolRunner-II dev-board for $15, Bus Pirate for $30, and a Bus Blaster v2 for $34.95 at Seeed Studio.

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