USB IR Toy: IR Toy plugin for EventGhost

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Install the plugin

Download and install the latest version of EventGhost if you haven't already.

Download the latest plugin release from Google Code, or get the development version from SVN.

Extract the \USB_IR_Toy\ folder to the EventGhost plugins folder (\Program Files\EventGhost\plugins\ on Windows).

Setup the plugin

Eg-irtoy-1.png Eg-irtoy-2.png

  1. Start EventGhost.
  2. Choose Configuration->Add Plugin...
  3. Under remote receivers choose USB Infrared Toy
  4. Click OK
  5. Choose the serial port assigned to the IR Toy, click OK.


EventGhost will now setup the IR Toy and receive input.

Areas for improvement

  • Transmitting Supported in v08.03, thanks spanner888.
  • The EvenGhost decoder doesn't seem to fire until the end of data timeout (1.7 seconds)
  • The plugin translates from 16bit IR Toy data to 8bit data for the EvenGhost decoder. This is a bit of a hack.