Alternative Logic Sniffer client update released

jawi released v0.8.1 of his fork of SUMP, a logic analyzer client that works with the Logic Sniffer (download here).

This version adds baud rates up to 900kbps that take advantage of the SPI interface between the PIC and FPGA added in firmware v0.4+/bitstream v2+. This seems to increase the sample download speed for some, but not everybody.

Order the Logic Sniffer for $45, including worldwide shipping. Don’t forget that Seeed has probe cables for $6 each. Every order supports Logic Sniffer development.

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  1. For those trying to use this on Linux, you might need to change the script to define the serial port of the device. You can change the sole line in to this:

    java -Dnl.lxtreme.ols.bundle.dir=plugins/ -cp “bin/*””/dev/OpenLogicSniffer” nl.lxtreme.ols.runner.Runner

    For me, on 32-bit Ubuntu, my device shows up as /dev/ttyACM0, so my script now looks like:

    java -Dnl.lxtreme.ols.bundle.dir=plugins/ -cp “bin/*””/dev/ttyACM0″ nl.lxtreme.ols.runner.Runner

    Hope this helps someone avoid spending an afternoon chasing loose ends trying to get this thing working on Linux!


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