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  1. “These” books? When I saw them a few days ago, there was one of each. I’m assuming that Yageo sent them gratis and they decided to sell them. Which is perfectly fine if they were unsolicited…!

    I like them too. If I got them I would probably read them in a single sitting! :-)

  2. Sorry, I didn’t notice they were gone. I saw them come up a few weeks ago and bookmarked them for a rainy day. So much for ordering the resistor book this afternoon :(

  3. Yup, I had the cap and resistor books on my wish list, too. :)

    Last night, when I checked in to place an order they were both sold out. :(

  4. If you are looking for cheap 1206/0805 resistor/capacitor packs you can always try Sure Electronics. They ain’t so nicely packed but they are much cheaper.

    A 50 value x 100 pcs 1206 resistor pack costs $7,26
    A 50 value x 100 pcs 0804 resistor pack costs $4,49

    They are packed in separate labelled bags. You can also order them in tiny boxes but the shipping weight/cost increases.

  5. I have a through-hole resistor kit with 10 each of the (R-13?) common values. I’d like an 0805 resistor kit because I only rarely need a value that I don’t keep in bulk. This got me thinking, what values do you use most often?

    You can get a feel from my designs, but here are the parts I use most often:

    27pf (most crystal oscilators)
    0.1uF (buy by 100’s of 1000’s, use everywhere)
    10uF (A-case SMD, any other cap not covered by the previous 2)

    240R (this + 390R = 3.3volts from an lm317)
    390R (resistor for LEDs @ 3.3volts)
    100R (why not?)
    1000R (or 1k1, for LEDs @ 5volts)
    4K7 (pullups for MSP430)
    10K (pullups for AVR, PIC)
    100K (pulldown for various stuff)

    LD1117 for 3.3v and 5v in SOT223

    Various colors in 0805

    USB in SMD and through hole
    2.1mm power jack in SMD

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