Lessons learned with an external clock / USRP1 interface

In order to use even a high-priced SDR for GSM experimentation, an accurate clock source is indispensable. According to the GSM standard, a clock with “absolute accuracy better than 0.05 ppm for both RF frequency generation and clocking the timebase” is required. This means that with a standard USRP1 with frequency accuracy of 2.5 ppm, […]

2011 DCC – Practical Software Radio

This talk is from the 2011 Digital Communications Conference (DCC) held last September in Baltimore, MD. The speaker is Matt Ettus who heads up Ettus Research, manufacturers of the USRP family of SDRs. His talk is an in depth technical explanation of “Why Things Don’t Always Match the Textbooks” in SDR. Matt is affiliated with […]

USRP 101: unlocking wireless PC locks (and freeing dolphins)

We’ve been interested in the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) SDR and the associated open source GNU Radio software for some time, but the $1500+ cost has kept the project on the back burner. Nevertheless, we always like a good story about RF hacking with the USRP. Corey and Max saw a wireless USB Proximity […]