App note: Sub-1 V current sensing with the TS1001, A 0.8 V, 0.6 µA OP-AMP

Another TS1001 op-amp application from Silicon Labs on sensing nano currents. Link here (PDF) Current-sense amplifiers can monitor battery or solar cell currents, and are useful to estimate power capacity and remaining life. However, if the battery or solar source is a single cell, it’s difficult to find a low voltage solution that works below […]

App note: A microwatt charge pump boosts 1 V to 1.8 V at 90% efficiency, providing “Always On” standby power for microcontrollers

Interesting app note from Silicon Labs on high efficiency charge pump utilizing their nanopower TS1001 op amp. Link here (PDF) Boosting the output voltage of common alkaline button-cells to at least 1.8 V needed by microcontrollers provides an “always on” standby power source sufficient for low-power oscillator interrupt/sleep state operation. Two ultralow power op amps […]

Winner of TS1001 op-amp design competion

Touchstone Semi announced the TS1001 Op Amp design competition winner: Eric John Holland, a senior electronics design engineer at Avery Weigh-Tronix, was awarded the top prize of $1,000 for his design of a working, low-power 555 timer using Touchstone‟s TS1001 op amp. The TS1001 is the industry‟s first 0.8V, 0.6µA op amp cutting power requirements […]

TS1001 low power, low voltage op-amp review

We have been experimenting with the Touchstone semi TS1001 ultra-low power, low voltage op-amp demo board, and the results are in. For our tests, the board inverting op-amp circuit was powered by a solar cell from a calculator with two 0.5v zener in series. The total supply was about 950mV, well below the operating range […]

A tale of two op-amps: A Hitch-Hikers guide to op-amp specs

A few weeks ago we covered the Touchstone Semi TS1001 ultra low-power and low-voltage op-amp. Ultrasounder commented: Looking at the datasheet, the key [specs] reveal a very lousy, CMOS input-output opamp which is not speced for anything beyond audio. The GBW is 4KHz which means that the max frequency this thing can reliably amplify without […]

Touchstone Semi Coolest Op Amp design competition

Touchtone Semiconductor is a startup company whose products include an op amp known as the TS1001, which they say is the only such component to operate on 0.8 V and 0.6uA. They’ve announced a Coolest Op Amp design competition for developers who incorporate the TS1001 into their designs. See the Touchstone Semi’s website for a […]